CDF Orthodontics Offers…

Lower-profile traditional braces that afford ways to clean your braces more easily than the old-fashioned ones that still exist as well; also, this particular option can result in a shorter required treatment plan. Keep them plain … or if you want to have some fun, sport colored rubber bands!

Clear braces that are aesthetically much less noticeable while serving the same function that metal braces do! We see patients of all ages opt for this version of ortho appliance at our Media clinic, for a variety of reasons.

Invisalign clear aligners, which are a virtually invisible custom-made series of aligners that gradually and gently shift your teeth into their new places. While these are often the preferred method of treatment for people with forward-facing jobs (such as professionals or performers) or who are planning a big event (such as brides and grooms), many teens elect this option as well, and Invisalign has a product line created specifically for this age group.

Together, your orthodontist and you will discuss which ortho appliance from our Media or Wallingford offices is the best way to proceed based on your individual needs and treatment goals.