Head Appointment Coordinator
Length of Work:


Tracey entered the dental field in 1985 and I’ve had a variety of assignments, from insurance, billing and dental assisting to administrative duties. Tracey has been with CDF Family Orthodontics since 2004. Tracey is extremely happy to be working in the orthodontic field, and she tries to make a difference in each patient’s life by treating each with the utmost respect and care. Tracey always offers patients a kind word and a smile when they visit us. Tracey’s favorite thing about orthodontics is the interaction with the patients and their families.Tracey’s personality is very outgoing and she brings laughter and energy to the office every day. Tracey and her husband Ty  have been married since 1985. She has an adult son, Cordell. Tracey has a very sweet and loving rescue pitbull named Ginger.  Tracey  loves reading and spending time with her family, extended family and friends. Tracey is also very active at her church, which Ginger attends with her regularly.